The Humming Bird Effect

We Can Help

We all know what has been happening to the planet. It may not be "Global Warming", but it sure is something. Litter and trash, sprawled across an urban neighborhood. Plastic bags and bottles thrown in the ocean. Things can happen from these scenarios, animals die, and eventually we die. The atmosphere is slowly breaking as we know it. And if there are no mammals there are no plants.
Before modern civilizations there were trees and life everywhere. Pure life. Not man-made buildings, stop signs, cars, and other things. We look at the world now and we thing all those things are normal and they don't affect anything around us. But they do. Paper comes from trees. When you cut those trees down it means less oxygen for all mammals. Plants and mammals depend on each other for the thing we take for granted, air. Without plants there would be no air or oxygen. Nothing would be alive.
It is very important that we try to preserve our Earth. And if we don't start soon it will all be gone in an instant. Plant a garden. Use LED effi
cient light bulbs. Make sure you recycle what ever you can. And much more. Please visit the other pages on this website to see more about our Earth.